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Weather in Bhutan

Bhutan’s weather varies vastly from north to south and valley to valley, depending upon the elevation. In the North of  it is perennially covered with snow. In the western, central and eastern Bhutan  you will mostly find Europe-like weather.

Winter is from November to March. Punakha is an exception because it is in a lower valley and summer is hot and winter is pleasant. Southern Bhutan is hot and humid with a sub-tropical climate. Summer months are wet with secluded showers predominately in the evenings only. Winter is the driest period and spring and autumn are mostly pleasant.

There are four distinct seasons. Temperatures in the far south range from 15°C in winter (December to February) to 30°C in summer (June to August).

In Thimphu the range is from -2.5°C in January to 25°C in August and with a rainfall of 100mm. In the mountain regions the average temperature is 0°C in winter and may reach 10°C in summer, with an average of 350mm of rain.

Precipitation varies significantly with the elevation. The average rainfall varies from region to region.